Wedding Dance

Move with Style and Grace as you dance your first dance as a married couple.

Your wedding dances can make for some of the most memorable and exciting moments at receptions. Don’t leave this to chance and settle for the sway or rock step to get you through. A well-choreographed wedding dance routine should always be a part of your special day. Use our instructors to help make this special moment so much more memorable.

Points to consider when planning your wedding dance.

It’s important to begin dance rehearsals at least three to six months in advance. Performing a well-choreographed routine for your wedding dance is a true new skill too master. It can take more time than you might expect to build your confidence and develop that extra flare for each move. 

Starting early gives you the time to feel totally comfortable with your steps and be stress-free on the big day. Even if you left it a little late to get started and fall short of the ideal three months, we can still work a dance that compliments your individual styles leaving you feeling and looking great.

Song choice. Pick something that expresses the feelings you want to convey makes you feel great. Double-check all the lyrics to make sure the words give the right wedding-appropriate message. You will want a song which has a steady beat to make dancing together easier.

Keep in mind when choosing your wedding dance music. You will want to keep it short. Ideally somewhere between two to three minutes in total. Most guests will lose attention if it’s too long. The shorter the dance can often mean better performance, as there’s less step to remember making what you do look and feel amazing!

You can choose to dance Basestep for your wedding dance or visit Wedding Dance NZ for a range of other options.

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