Basestep Modern Jive

A Modern Jive partner dance. Basestep has a simple step pattern to get you on the floor. Dance to top 40 hits at clubs or off the radio. You can start anytime, you don’t need a partner even if you have two left feet.

Here at Basestep, we aim to provide a vibrant party atmosphere and instill confidence in even the most self-conscious of dancers. This is a safe place where you can really let your hair down. During a typical class, you will dance with many different partners as we rotate often during the night. This enhances learning and adds to the fun atmosphere. An evening with Basestep provides you with a great social outlet, a wonderful way to meet new people, have fun and keep fit.

Check out or classes timetable for a dance lesson details.

Julian Bishop

Julian Bishop – Principal Instructor

Julian is Basestep’s principal dance teacher. He has taught many forms of dance including Bodyrock, Tango and Ceroc which is closely related to the Basestep dance structure for 20+ years.

Julian has competed and placed in numerous NZ competitions and loves teaching others “It’s exciting and fun. What better way is there to socialise and meet new people” Your can read more about Julian’s experience by clicking here.

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